Our Answers to Frequent Questions

Why don't you offer online booking?

The reason that we do not offer online booking is because many services and service times are personalized to each service provider and guest. By talking to you directly, we can be more confident that you are scheduled for the correct service and that we have allowed you enough time with the stylist or nail specialist.

What is the difference between a full and partial foil/highlights?

A full foil is where we put foils/highlights throughout the whole head and a partial foil will just highlight the crown/top of the head and also the sides. We find that many guest just like to be lighter around their face and some on the top to add a little definition to a color service or to their natural hair color. The full highlighting service is a little more expensive because of the amount of product used and the time needed but your highlights are revealed throughout your whole head.

What is a balayage color service?

With a balayage, we paint the hair with a lightner. The hair is painted heavier towards the bottom and a little less towards the top. This is different from a full or partial highlight in the way that the bottom hair color is usually much lighter and heavier than the top. We allow more time for this service because the process is a little slower but the results are awesome and worth it! We include a glaze/toner in our balayage service which is usually recommended to add shine and gives a blending effect to all of the hair. We strongly recommend a complimentary consultation if you are considering this service. This allows us to give you a better idea of what your service costs will be and your time commitment.

What are mermaid, rainbow, unicorn or fashion shades in regards to hair colors?

These terms are used interchangeably and pretty much mean the same thing. These are brighter colors and are applied in the hair usually after the hair has been highlighted or balyaged to a light blonde. There are so many colors to choose from. These colors do tend to fade a lot more quickly than the more natural shades but using a specialty shampoo and conditioner will help give it more longevity and so will limiting your time in a pool or the ocean.

When pricing your services, why do you quote "and up" with each service?

The prices that you see on our service guide is what you will more than likely be charged, however because some hair is very thick and/or long, we would need to allow more time for your service and so therefore there would be a higher cost for the time and work involved. This will also apply if you get a very detailed cut or you go from a long style to a much shorter style and also if we apply multiple colors in your coloring service. We do offer complimentary consultations anytime and this will allow us to give you more detailed price for your services.

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