A Better Cut Salon Blog - A Letter From A Sixth Grader

A Letter From A Young Client

We love reviews from our clients. But this one takes the cake. Thanks Zoey for taking the time to write such a beautiful letter and review. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Read Zoey's letter below.

To Whom It May Concen:

I am a sixth-grade student at Atlantic Christian Academy in West Palm Beach, Florida. I always questioned my mom about being taken to A Better Cut.

Thank you for all that you have put into making A Better Cut a fantastic salon.

Your salon adds extra accommodations to make everyone comfortable and charming.

You do this with all of the snacks you sometimes have to fill our appetite, and your salon lets you select the design on the cape that wraps around your neck.

Also, Mrs. Karyn and the other salon employees are incredibly kindhearted.

There are numerous reasons that your salon is incredible.

One reason is that you gather snacks to satisfy hunger, by bringing a box of fresh donut holes occasionally.

Also, all snacks are amazing before and during events. Since I do not consume a lot of sweets, it is a treat. That is one reason I appreciate A Better Cut.

Another reason I adore A Better Cut is because they let you select your design on the cape that wraps around your neck. For example, my favorite animal is a zebra, so they have a cape with zebra stripes. This salon has a variety of capes and not just boring black capes. Customers want the power to choose.

My last reason is that all the employees are kind hearted, mainly Mrs. Karyn. What I mean by kind-hearted is that they ask me if I want my hair curled, dried, or brushed through, I mainly go to A Better Cut when I have a significant event. So, Ms Karyn suggested that I have my hair curled or dried, so I look glamorous for that event.

A Better Cut is a place for everyone who wants their hair stylist to be an outstanding kind-hearted worker.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for all you do.

You selected the right name for your salon because you do get "A Better Cut" and marvelous hair.

To sum it up, the workers are extremely kind-hearted; they have snacks and we are given the power to choose.

This salon is an extraordinary way to benefit your time and to have an enjoyable day.



Take It From A Sixth Grader And Come Visit A Better Cut Salon

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